Meet Algem CM, Gianluca

June 24, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that we have hired a Community Manager: Gianluca!

As CM, he will be in charge of Algem’s communication and community management. Gianluca will work closely with Algem’s founding team and the marketing department to prepare Algem’s communication in our social media and be the voice of our project at events. Our community manager will also be responsible for Algem’s Algyors program.

His other activities include:

  • Communication strategies & campaigns
  • Copywriting
  • Content creation & distribution
  • Social Networks content
  • Community management & support
  • Feedback and reviews
  • Ambassador programs
  • AMAs

Gianluca comes from heavily focused customer service driven industries, over the years, he gained experience supporting and helping customers and clients. By joining Algem, he will bring his expertise and skills to help us manage and support our community and users. His interpersonal skills combined with his English background and his passion for the crypto industry make Gianluca the perfect person to represent and be the voice of Algem on social networks.

I am passionate about the industry and specifically looking forward to working with Algem as the crypto space evolves and transitions into more digital times. I want to bring my experience and support to the team in the best way possible, and really look forward to progressing through challenges and using my expertise within the community! – “

Gianluca, Algem Community Manager

If you are an Algem user, feel free to say hello to Gianluca in our social networks such as Discord. 👋

About Algem

Algem is a dApp built on Astar Network and offers two main features: liquid staking and liquid earning. As the name implies, these two solutions enable ASTR holders to remain liquid with their assets while putting them to work.

The liquid staking and liquid earning solutions allow users to accumulate staking rewards and increase their earnings using Algem’s liquid nASTR tokens across Astar’s DeFi ecosystem. In doing so, Algem supports other DeFi protocols by providing liquidity, creating a sustainable and cooperative ecosystem on Astar Network.

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