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Algem Weekly Dev Update (Feb 20th – Feb 26th)

Dev Update - 01.03.23

Hey everyone, we are pleased to share updates with you regarding our latest developments in the realm of smart contracts, liquid lending (farming) and the UI.

Smart Contracts: Liquid Lending (Farming) Progress & Roadmap

February 27th, 2023

“Although progress over the past week has been slow, the work done has been very useful in improving the logic of the adapter section of the protocol. We have gained a better understanding of the live adapters, which has helped us to improve the overall logic for the liquid lending page.

Additionally, we have figured out how to check liquidity pools using the pool ID instead of hardcoding it, which allows us to implement a better architecture. We have created new structures and functions for pool management and developed scripts to support this functionality.

Moving forward, our plans for next week are to continue with the development of the liquid lending protocol test coverage as well as the reward distribution. We will focus on improving the interface of the contracts and ensure that the adapter section functions correctly in the overall app architecture. We also plan to conduct more tests on the new structures and functions for pool management to identify any bugs and optimize performance.” — Arthur, Algem CTO

Algem secret product

February 27th, 2023

“We have completed writing the unit tests for the […] functionality, and also fixed a portion of the functionality related to unstaking and unbonding. Additionally, we have tested the transfer of token ownership to contracts.

[…] tests are now complete and we are currently in the process of testing how everything works with contract-owners of aASTR and ALGM.

Moving forward, our plan for the next week is to continue testing the contract-owners and ensure that everything is functioning properly. We also plan to work on optimizing the code and improving the interfacing of the token contracts with the application..” — Arthur, Algem CTO

About Algem

Algem is a decentralized application built on the Astar Network and offers two main features: liquid staking and liquid lending. As their names suggest, these two options let ASTR holders keep their assets liquid while putting them to work. Also, the liquid staking and lending solutions let users use Algem’s liquid nASTR tokens across Astar’s Defi ecosystem to earn staking rewards and make more money. In doing so, Algem supports other Defi protocols by providing liquidity and creating a sustainable and cooperative ecosystem on the Astar Network and Polkadot.

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