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Partnership with InsureDAO

Hello everyone,

At Algem, the security of our product and our community is our priority. We want our users to feel safe when they use Algem or use our different nASTR or ALGM tokens on other protocols across Astar network.

Algem and InsureDAO have decided to partner and offer insurance services on Algem for our users!

Our teams will work together to decide and write the insurance rules. After the launch of Algem and InsureDAO on Astar, users will be able to purchase insurance on Algem and stay safe.

About InsureDAO

InsureDAO is a decentralized insurance protocol, allowing anyone to create an insurance pool easily to “Cover every single risk in DeFi space”. InsureDAO provides an insurance builder kit and insurance market. Additionally, they offer the lending function to INSURE token stakers.

If you are interested in learning more, check out their white paper. |

Also, you can join them on Twitter, Discord, or Telegram.

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About Algem

Algem is a decentralized application on top of Astar Network and is developed around two main features offering different solutions for ASTR holders to remain liquid with their assets. The liquid staking and liquid earning solutions allow users to continue to earn staking rewards and increase their revenue by using liquid nASTR tokens across the defi ecosystem of Astar. On the other hand, Algem supports other defi protocols by providing liquidity, creating a sustainable and cooperative ecosystem on Astar Network.

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