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Algem’s First Official Testnet Campaign Results Are Remarkable

Algem Testnet Results Are In

June 16, 2022, Algem’s inaugural testnet campaign results are in, and the results are simply phenomenal!

We want to thank Algem supporters and the Astar Network community who participated in our first official Testnet campaign, and for sharing your rich feedback.

We needed to stress test our application to launch the first liquid staking protocol on Astar Network. Therefore, we were looking for relevant and elaborate comments and suggestions to improve and correct Algem.

To our delight, 5,000+ people participated, and we have gathered invaluable product feedback.

For the campaign, we allocated 100,000 ALGM tokens to reward the testnet participants for finding bugs and providing feedback.

Below are some of the most common comments we received regarding bugs, Algem-related issues, and dApp suggestions.

The Most Common Bugs

  • nSBY tokens: Swap problems (can’t swap from nSBY to SBY.)
  • Add or Remove liquidity problem
  • Сan’t manage liquidity on DEX

Algem Related Issues

  • Claim SBY reward problems
  • nSBY token balance is not detected properly (nSBY on DEX are not tracked)

App Suggestions

  • Add light mode
  • Add AMM to not use third parties dApps
  • Add a button to add the n-tokens contract to Metamask

Problems with nSBY tokens were solved, and we are working on Algem-related problems and will solve them today or tomorrow.

We Want Your Feedback!

We are always looking to improve our product, and if you have any additional suggestions or comments, please fiil the form below.

Your opinion matters!